Project Description

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Innovative anti-theft device on the wheel, AL-KO ProSafe

  • Innovative anti-theft device on the wheel, AL-KO ProSafe
    • SCM (NL) & SBSC (SE) tested & certified.
    • Unique, high quality & solid multi-layer construction*
    • Individual quality lock* with special locking cylinder
    • Integrated contact protection to protect the rim
    • Fits standard alloy & steel rims
    • Suitable for wheels with inch size 14 – 16
    • Assembly & disassembly in seconds
    • Practical storage box included
    * Multi-layer construction: The interior of the AL-KO ProSafe consists of an extremely hard & solid filling mass. This innovative and unique filling mass consists of different materials, which in combination currently offers the best possible protection against all theft attempts!
    *Quality lock: The individual quality lock has one of several thousand different locking combinations, which makes it almost impossible for thieves to have the appropriate key for it.

    • market entry: april 2024
    • target group: Owners of caravans and other trailers, potentially also owners of motorhomes, who are looking for simple but highly effective theft protection.