Project Description

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Arvikon’s Smart Caravaning™ system is a groundbreaking all-in-one control system for RVs, for the first time integrating over 200 devices from 60 brands, with, uniquely again, more than 30 devices digitally through industry standard CIBUS. All functionalities are controlled from modern, high-quality, and customizable visuals, available on our wall mounted displays, all mobile devices, most car central units and even a computer, Its plug-and-play setup ensures simple installation without intricate programming.
User-friendly, it is also exceptionally intelligent, with all devices working as a team, through multiple advanced scenarios and automatisms. Arvikon has innovated beyond the norm by replacing traditional fuses with programmable resettable electronic fuses, for more safety and control precision.
Designed by RV experts, with a robust and professional conception and all automotive certifications, it offers quality, durability, safety, and peace of mind.

  • market entry: 2022
  • target group: Manufacturers or motorhomes, installers, and end users