Project Description

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Layout – So big, yet so compact

It almost seems bigger inside than outside: The Carthago c-tourer I 145 RB LE is a real space miracle. It offers maximum comfort with minimum dimensions and combines the features of a liner in an overall length of only 7.05 metres, significantly less than conventional motorhomes. The basis is an innovative layout concept. This means: generous single beds up to two metres long. The shower cubicle and the washroom and toilet can be combined to form a spacious bathroom. An intelligent folding mechanism unfolds the practical Carthago changing room. The spacious comfort corner kitchen refrigerator leaves nothing to be desired. Nor does the comfortable L-shaped seating group with additional side seat. How does all this work in only 7.05 metres? One trick is the new Dynamic Design rear with curved corner pillars. It looks attractive and the interior length increases. The highlight: The Carthago c-tourer I 145 RB LE is not only compact, but also light: It gets by on Fiat Ducato with AL-KO low-frame with only 3.5 tonnes permissible total mass, which is easy to drive.

Exterior Design – Form and function in perfection

Design has to be, at Carthago an unmistakable appearance is part of the Carthago Premium DNA and the personality of the motorhomes. Especially the integrated ones are the proverbial face in the crowd. But a Carthago is an attractive sight from every perspective. An outstanding example of this is the new c-tourer I 145 RB LE of the model year 2024. Its innovative dynamic design rear in 3D optics with curved corner pillars and rear lights in the typical independent C-branding radiates power and makes it appear strikingly like an opulent liner. The new rear design heralds a new era for the popular Carthago c-tourer series. Typical Carthago: it offers more than just visual advantages, form and function complement each other perfectly: the interior length increases by five centimetres, at the same time the weight decreases. Thus, the c-tourer I 145 RB LE belongs to Carthago’s lightweight class with a licence-friendly permissible total mass of only 3.5 tonnes.

Target group focus – To the point

The customers of the premium brand Carthago want more: more comfort, more design, more travel quality. Without restrictions in space, weight and driving licence. This regularly drives Carthago’s developers to top performance. The current example is called Carthago c-tourer I 145 RB LE. With large single beds, bathroom plus dressing room, spacious kitchen, comfortable L-shaped seating group as well as extra-large storage space with roller garage, it offers the features of a lavish liner on an amazingly short overall length of only 7.05 metres. It is therefore clearly laid out and can be manoeuvred with ease, driving in the lightweight class with a licence-friendly 3.5 tonnes total mass. Carthago achieves this squaring of the circle with an innovative floor plan and an equally innovative design. Another feature is the freedom of choice between the basic vehicles, the light Fiat Ducato and the dignified Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Both on a high-quality AL-KO low-frame. The success since its introduction speaks for itself: the new Carthago c-tourer I 145 RB LE is right to the point.

  • market entry: presented in July, 2023