Project Description

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>> Flyer Campere Solarmodul <<

A variety of superstructures make the roof area of your camper a challenge for the installation of a solar system. With the campere solution, you achieve optimal utilization of the available free space.
A clever solution package with campere solar module configurator for your motorhome roof. With vehicle library, planning variants for optimal use of space, power in watts, etc.
Uncomplicated self-assembly with ready configured cables and connector sets. Modules with different sizes/current ratings can be combined.
Simple, low-cost expansion of the system on the roof possible through plug & play – minimal installation effort without extensive cable laying!

  • market entry: We presented this complete solution for the first time at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf 2023.
  • target group: An ideal solution for small motorhomes and campervans. Here we address both manufacturers and self-builders. Of course, this solution is also perfect for retrofitting existing vehicles.