Project Description

>> << is an online marketplace for recreational vehicles, with the unique feature that sales are conducted entirely online through a 24-hour bidding process (auction). The entire sales process is shifted to the internet, eliminating the need for phone calls, written correspondence, inspection appointments, test drives, and in-person negotiations. This portal takes a fundamentally different approach than all common sales platforms with the aim of revolutionizing the sales process for sellers of motorhomes and caravans!
On the buyer side, only professionals from the caravaning industry are allowed. This creates a win-win situation for both parties: a seller, typically an individual, can easily and securely sell online. A buyer, a professional dealer, can efficiently purchase vehicles online.
For sellers, caravanmarkt24 is free of charge. Buyers pay a commission fee in case of a purchase.

  • market entry: january 2022
  • target group: Sellers and buyers of used motorhomes and caravans