Project Description

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Our ‘Comfort Level’ system is an extension of our self-developed off-road air suspension, which was specially developed for trailers. With our mobile app-controlled air
suspension, you can quickly and comfortably assume a horizontal position at the touch of a button and without human intervention. This ensures a restful night’s sleep. You
no longer have to laboriously search for level surfaces, push backwards and forwards countless times, align or roll around in the dirt. Thanks to our genuine off-road chassis
technology, even height differences of up to 20 cm can be levelled out effortlessly. Our durable digital technology ensures more precise levelling than a conventional spirit
level. With just the push of a button, you can save time and nerves and get everything level again.
Technology: 240MHz dual core; over the air updates; 32bit processor architecture; high-resolution 13bit ADC/DAC conversion; 6-axis acceleration measurement up to 16G

  • market entry: Orders for trailers or trailer chassis with air suspension and the “Comfort Level” system are already being accepted. The first deliveries of such chassis/trailers will take place in the first quarter of 2024.
  • target group: This product is aimed at travelers who want to explore remote areas or simply value efficient, comfortable and durable technology.
    Custom-made chassis with air suspension and the “Comfort Level” are particularly interesting for companies that want to give their customers that certain extra level of comfort
    On the street and also at the campsite.
  • overall concept: A top suspension is indispensable in the off-road sector. Our air suspension, including the axle geometry, is trimmed for maximum ride comfort. The suspension absorbs
    unevenness and the 20 cm spring travel ensures wheel guidance even on large potholes. The dampers are tuned to the weight of the trailer and can be adjusted in 8 stages to
    suit the road conditions. With the additional oil reservoir, there is no risk of the shock absorber overheating. Our air suspension puts an end to uneven loading conditions and
    the associated dangerous driving behaviour. If you encounter an obstacle, you can raise the chassis by 10cm from the comfort of the driver’s seat using the mobile app. With
    the new “Comfort Level” system, we go one step further. Whether in the camp or still in the forest, the trailer is level again at the touch of a button. This means you can take a
    break after a long day and there is no longer a sloping bed in the way of a good night’s sleep.