Project Description

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A lot of campers have been asking us for a proper solution to securely attach their awning using a round pole. These poles has on the end mostly black caps only and does not fit with our common Fix&Go Anchor Plate. So, we create a lightweight, easy-to-use, foolproof, recognizable, adaptable, and easy-to-remove solution for multiple pole sizes. This pole adapter fits poles with diameters between 18mm and 27mm, making it compatible with the most common tent poles. It allows the poles to be secured by either a tent peg or our Fix&Go system/anchor plates. Why Fix&Go Adapter? Several reasons; it is easily fixed by screwing (by hand, “FIX”) it into the tentpole, it’s also easy to remove (“Go”) again by unscrewing it and it enables the user to use our Fix&Go Anchor Plate 2.0 to properly anchor down their awning.

  • market entry: will be introduced at CMT 2024
  • target grop: Yes, every camper who has round tent poles with insufficient attachment options.
  • partner: It was developed in a team. Our colleagues Gerard Vredenburg and Cristian Tibabiasco had the basic idea.