Project Description

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The previous solutions for bathrooms in recreational vehicles involved numerous compromises – especially in compact vehicle classes. The innovative room bathroom, first introduced by Dethleffs in the Campervan Globetrail Performance, minimizes these compromises in an unprecedented way.

For optimal space utilization, the shower is moved from the bathroom to the center of the vehicle, thus not occupying any space when not in use. The floor-level construction of the water drain has no disadvantages in terms of comfort and appearance. This eliminates the risk of tripping. Furthermore, this new technical solution seamlessly integrates into the vehicle floor, providing not only age-appropriate design but also additional benefits such as more space in front of the toilet, for cooking, and easy access to the bed.

The technical solution is simple in description but ingeniously engineered. A room roller blind is closed and serves as a splash guard. The water drain has been securely constructe.

  • market entry: august 2023