Project Description

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>> Presentation – Frankia NOW <<

FRANKIA is making a deliberate departure from the traditional with its NOW Low-Profile (3.5 t). NOW is changing the way we think about motorhomes – especially when it comes to space, light and design. A unique indirect lighting concept, organic shapes, spacious open areas, 2.13 m of headroom and free lines of sight create freedom. Its interior walls feature fabric covering for a cosy atmosphere and excellent sound insulation. The interior space focuses on cool anthracite and white, while pairing light wood surface fronts and details with brass to create warm colour accents. A unique colour scheme: NOW will be available in three styles, which will be featured in both the interior and exterior design. The blend of materials adds a touch of excitement: Natural wood meets satin and matt surface fronts. New solutions create (free) space: NOW dispenses with bulky built-in boxes, fea tures a drop-down bed above the seating area that can also be used as a stool, a multi-sided tower, etc.

  • market entry: august 25, 2023
  • target group: Adventurers, couples, families who have high standards of design and value (open) space