Project Description

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>> Presentation – Frankia NOW <<

“A new chapter is beginning NOW!” Manufacturer FRANKIA is charting a new path in terms of space, light and design with the NOW series. The launch of NOW was accompanied by a targeted market launch strategy and a consistent analogue and digital brand presence – with the aim of appealing to a new, younger target audience (particularly families). Sparking interest, generating excitement: Visually, the campaign is making a deliberate departure from the FRANKIA brand style. NOW was launched as part of a three-phase process. Excitement built up successively from the countdown to the world premiere during the 2023 Caravan Salon. The launch was accompanied by a corresponding ad campaign and the exclusive premiere event at the motorhome show along with outdoor advertising. Beginning with the launch, visitors were able to experience the world of NOW with all their senses, even befor e they entered the vehicle – thanks to a design island surrounding the vehicle, a video wall and digital columns.

  • market entry: august 25, 2023
  • target group: Adventurers, couples, families who have high standards of design and value (open) space.