Project Description

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Introducing Globe-Traveller’s embodiment of innovation in campervan design: a harmonious blend of luxury, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Key aspects of our interior design include:
LED Ambiance Lighting: Positioned to create a serene atmosphere while highlighting design intricacies.
Material Selection: Combining warm wood tones and matte finishes, ensuring both elegance and longevity.
Ergonomic Design: Featuring a versatile dining area with ample seating and a flexible table configuration.
Efficient Storage Solutions: The design cleverly integrates storage spaces, addressing travelers’ essentials without compromising aesthetics.
Integrated Bathroom: Modern in design, ensuring utility is paired with sophistication.
Globe-Traveller’s new design is not merely about conveyance; it embodies an experience, reflecting our unwavering dedication to design quality and customer contentment.

  • market entry: The model was launched at Caravan Salon Dusseldorf 2023.
  • target group: The design was specifically crafted with cycling enthusiasts in mind, who prioritize safety and desire to stow and transport their bicycles inside the vehicle. The storage compartment is uniquely adapted for keeping and securely transporting the bikes within the campervan, a feature that presented a notable design challenge, especially in a VW model. However, for those without such specific needs, the campervan is also available in a non-bicycle version, ensuring versatility for all types of travellers.