Project Description

LMC Presseinformation Neuheiten-Campervans

LMC called on CMT’23 visitors to rate the Innovan 592 study. The single bed floor plan in the 6m Camper Van convinced due to the solutions in the bathroom and kitchen. Their enthusiasm for the floor plan was shown by 73% of the respondents with full marks. The bathroom concept convinced with 49% of the votes on the best score. Very good was the swivel toilet with 64% of the respondents and 46% found the folding washbasin practical. The shower in the new bathroom concept was rated as good by 48 % of those voting and as very good by 37 %.
The kitchen concept was convincing due to the sliding worktop and the arrangement of the refrigerator. The single beds with a length of the lying surface of up to 2m and the possibility to convert them into a double bed create flexible storage space.
The clear picture of the survey and the free comments on the 592, its room concepts and the interior confirmed LMC to now produce the floor plan in series.

  • market entry: August, 2023
  • target group: Couples, who want to travel compactly and agilely