Project Description

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Fully electric, gas-free system with standard gas-free electrical equipment, such as induction hob, air conditioning and refrigerator. Generous loading and storage solutions, e.g. up to six seats in the seating area or optional storage space for bikes. Variable furniture modules for maximum flexibility enable optionally creating up to five sleeping places. Variable furniture modules for maximum flexibility optionally creates up to five sleeping places. Optimised for electric cars and smaller towing vehicles and 14% smaller front area. Self-sufficient power supply just like in a motorhome because of E.POWER, towing vehicles featuring Vehicle-2-Load technology supply the YASEO with power.

  • market entry: august 2023
  • target group: People who want to be self-sufficient and independent, with a high level of environmental awareness. With its innovative design, the YASEO appeals to a young target group who do not want to miss out on flexibility in everyday camping life. Young families will find the perfect companion for their camping holidays thanks to individual family floor plans with a folding bed. The YASEO with its fully electric, gas-free design is particularly interesting for target groups that are concerned with the topic of e-mobility.
  • Overall concept: Finally a caravan for e-Mobility. Uncompromising. For maximum range. Unrestricted. For genuine self-sufficiency. Unsurprising. Finally a caravan for e-Mobility! The YASEO reinvents the use of space. It delivers multifunctional solutions for a well-equipped living area on a minimal footprint.