Project Description

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The LOUNGE ALCOVE (an opening roof unit) transforms the existing sleeping area, from a high roof or alcove, into a relaxation area with a view. You can finally see the sea from the 3rd or 5th row of the campsite or when you are standing behind the dike. The mosquito net also acts as fall protection and invites you to sleep under the stars.
Functional slatted frames invite you to read a book in comfort, above the hustle and bustle of the campsite.
Due to increasingly strict parking regulations in cities, new, smaller vehicle footprints will be necessary in the future. The additional possible uses will revive a renaissance of the alcove.
The lounge alcove is confirmed as a patent by the DPMA and registered as an international patent. It applies to all land vehicles and enables new leisure areas for truckers, even with heavy commercial vehicles. We are currently looking for a partner for practical implementation.

  • market entry: The innovation was confirmed as a patent in 2023. We are currently looking for partners for implementation.
  • target group: The innovation is also intended for commercial use.