Project Description

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>> PR Robeta Adonis <<

This campervan is special because it contains quite a few innovations and unique solutions that are a real surprise for the entire international market. In addition, Adonis also has automatic closing, electric sliding doors, LED (high performance) daytime running lights and much more. In addition to the heroic name and masculine exterior, the interior of the vehicle is a special surprise. The living area can boast of a 100 Ah LiON battery, a 230W solar system, electric valves for the discharge of waste and drinking water and an integrated digital screen with which you can control and control all electrical devices in the vehicle. Adonis is equipped with materials and furniture that do not hide its modern and contemporary identity. In the kitchen, you will be able to find a kitchen storage surface made of “Kerrock” (marble look), and in the living room there are two additional high-quality individual integrated seats.

  • market entry: january 2023
  • target group: it is meant for everyone and every target group, because of different editions – we have a version for two, off road and with a pop-up roof.