Project Description

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An individual camper van that meets your personal expectations. That has been well designed and boasts lots of cool features. Voilá, introducing the CaraLife! What makes holidays in a CaraLife so special? It offers everything you desire from van life – as standard, developed by professionals. And much more besides: customisable partitions, a flexible bathroom and personal care solution, as well as a fully equipped kitchen.

  • market entry: august 2023
  • target group: The CaraLife appeals to the target group of vanlifers. These are largely millennials who long for a life of freedom and independence. You are young, dynamic and creative. They want to be active themselves and achieve their life dreams in an individualized manner. Away from traditional ways of life, they live in the here and now.
  • overall concept: The CaraLife is the most individual camper van solution there has ever been. Dynamically eye-catching on the outside, offering unparalleled space-saving comfort on the inside. When the coolest van you have ever seen meets your deepest wishes and dreams – the result is the CaraLife.