Project Description

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Dethleffs took the term “leisure vehicle” literally because Yoka means leisure in Japanese. It adapts to individual needs and provides everything one needs for their hobby and the time before and after. Whether a seating area with a variable table for 4 or traveling with three people with securely fastened luggage, in the Yoka Go, everyone and everything finds its place and can be loaded extremely comfortably. For this purpose, the Yoka Go is equipped with a rear flap and a double side door – ideal for bulky hobby equipment.

The seating area can be quickly converted into a comfortable bed. The wardrobe with variable shelves offers plenty of space for all utensils, from a wetsuit to an evening dress. Practical accessories such as innovative roof cabinet bags make packing particularly easy. The bags can be packed at home like suitcases and then hung directly in the vehicle, turning the Yoka Go into an individual leisure vehicle. With extremely attractive base price of €46,999.

  • market entry: august 2023
  • target group: mobile recreational athletes