The award ceremony of the European Innovation Award takes place during the trade fair for leisure and tourism, the CMT, in Stuttgart.

With over 230,000 visitors, CMT is the world’s largest trade fair for the general public. The award ceremony will take place on January 15, 2023 in the state-of-the-art facilities at the West Entrance. A great opportunity to exchange information within the caravanning industry about market conditions and changes and to use the event as a networking point. Of course, our jury members from the various participating countries will also be there again.

We would also like to invite you to toast with your team in a relaxed atmosphere and celebrate yourself and your achievements. We look forward to an evening of fun, entertainment and inspiration with you! With each nomination, you will receive a free ticket to the event worth €150. Additional tickets can be purchased using the form below.

Order additional tickets here:

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Another single ticket 150 Euro*
Another 4 single tickets 510 Euro* (15% Rabatt)
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