WE are Frohmi & bo
We like to stand decoratively on the beach. We are beach decor.
We just love to be out and about in our motorhome, everywhere.
We like to be ON the water for kiting or with the SUP.
We like to be AT the water. Preferably by the sea. If that’s not possible, then
just a river or lake or stream.
We love our camper! It’s our favorite home.
We love parking spaces with parking lot flair. I have no idea where that came from.
Bo loves to take care of our camper.
Frohmi loves photography.
We love Holland.
We love to discover beaches and coasts.
We love fries. Bo a little more than Frohmi.
We love beach shacks. Frohmi a little more than Bo.
And we find – our experiences about all these lovely things
we just have to tell the world.
We do that on www.strandeko.de

Frohmi und Bo
Stranddeko Website