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In our online-magazin we take you into the magical and unique world of the north:
We take you to the miles of sandy beaches on the Danish coast, to the countless skerries off the Swedish Baltic Sea coast, to the unbelievably deeply cut fjords of Norway and the dancing northern lights in the night sky north of the Arctic Circle. But you will also find tips for traveling through the seemingly endless forests of Finland, to the geysers and glaciers of Iceland and to the Faroe Islands, which lie as if lost in the North Atlantic. In the same way, we report on our experiences and the sights in the Highlands and on the coast of Scotland, where we were also traveling with our van. It is our aim to inspire and inform you in equal measure so that you can plan and prepare your own trip perfectly with the help of our blog

Conny, doesn’t like her real name Cornelia at all, but the nature and the people in the north all the more… Born in Thuringia in 1978, today she is not only a creative author on her own blog, but also likes to photograph the animals on our travels and make films mostly with her DJI OM 5 gimbal and our drones, edits all our video clips personally with great attention to detail and is happy when she can share her experiences with many readers on our social media channels.

Sirko, born in Brandenburg in 1968, loves the mentality of most Scandinavians but doesn’t like it at all when one of our hikes leads along a steep abyss… He’s the author, technology freak and travel planner behind the scenes and is happy about that grandiose motif with the perfectly implemented image and also drives countless kilometers or waits a few hours for the right light, always carries around a lot of technical equipment (with him) and is happy when our homepage is always up to date.