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Aviva Lite. A surprisingly light and inventive caravan, equipped with all the essentials and nothing more. Whether you’re planning a day out, a weekend getaway, setting up a home office, creating a garden room, or simply enjoying a vacation, Aviva Lite allows you to do more with less. It’s a fully functional caravan designed for unconventional experience seekers, capturing the spirit of simpler times.
Its adaptable spaces make it easy to transform the living area from a dining space to comfortable sleeping space. Aviva Lite provides innovative solutions for flexible living, complete with portable wardrobes and storage boxes.
The layout includes a dinette that can be converted into a spacious bed, two flip-up single beds, a fixed fridge, sink, and a bathroom with a toilet. It’s also easy to tow with a small car and is EV car friendly.
Aviva is colourful, light, an d fun in a playful, contemporary style.

  • market entry: March 2023
  • target group: The product reaches all users who appreciate simplicity and smart design. The low weight attracts owners of E-cars.
  • partner: SITO design agency & Adria Mobil design team