Project Description

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Specially designed for camper vehicles, our Bike Glide Carrier offers maximum comfort for the transportation of E-bikes or heavy bikes.
Bicycles and E-bikes are becoming increasingly heavy and, given the ageing population, there is a growing demand for a more comfortable way to transport bicycles on motorhomes and caravans.
Br-Systems has developed an ingenious mechanical system that easily tilts the platform of the bike carrier downwards, allowing bikes to be easily wheeled onto the carrier.
Lifting becomes unnecessary. The mechanical system takes over the weight.
This innovative system uses a gas spring and optimal weight balance.
This represents significant added value compared to traditional bike carriers on motorhomes, where bikes usually need to be lifted more than a meter to be placed on the rack.
Our team worked intensively on this project over a period of two years.
This product is currently in the process of obtaining a patent registration.

  • market entry: Global market launch is planned for March, 2024
  • target group: We target all RV owners who are looking for extra comfort for the transportation of their bikes.