Project Description

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The Dethleffs Connect App is the primary source for information and tips related to camping, regardless of the leisure vehicle used. However, if you own a controllable Dethleffs vehicle, you can control lights, temperature, and other living space components. This allows you, for example, to heat your vehicle and warm water for a shower on the last descent after a day of skiing.

The entry-level version of the “Smart home on wheels” enables the retrieval of vehicle information such as onboard voltage, water level, interior temperature, and more. This represents a significant gain in safety and comfort.

In addition, the app provides news, reports, and information on current camping topics and interesting travel destinations. In the detailed service section, users can access a knowledge database, FAQs, self-help guides for troubleshooting and other issues, a manual tailored to the vehicle, checklists for beginners and experts, such as those for traveling with children or pets.

  • market entry: august 2023
  • partner: Erwin Hymer Group