Project Description

>> Presentation – Xtura <<

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4×4 Motorhome with Offroad-abilities for Far Distance Travelling – characterized by huge energy autarcy (up to 30 days and even more), excellent Allyear abilities (wintertested up to minus 25 degrees), innovative Bussystem including wordwide navigation(Garmin/Empirbus), extremely sturdy bodywork (Eura Mobil Sealed Structure) and first class comfort in combination with easy handling on the road. Design is consequently dedicted to Far Travelling and is fascinating by mixture of outstanding and harmonic Elements on bodywork and chassis.

  • market entry: premiering on CMT 2024
  • target group: long-distance travelers, motorhome enthusiasts interested in year-round use
  • partner: joint development Mercedes Benz / Victron / Garmin / Empirbus