Project Description

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REVOTION is the innovation 2024 and brings campers into the future!
The REVOTION Smart System is an all-in-one control system that connects all devices on board across manufacturers, makes them particularly intuitive and ultimately simplifies life on board.
Instead of complicated buttons, old-fashioned 8-segment displays and many individual apps, everything is controlled via touch display and app.
From switching lights and devices, to reading temperatures or tank levels, to precise battery monitoring and even LED color control, there is a suitable module (NODE) for each function, which can then be combined as desired. For each device on board, a suitable module is then connected upstream.
This means that almost every camper can be equipped with the REVOTION Smart System, as the modules that match the existing devices on board are simply selected.

  • market entry: spring 2023
  • target group: Technology-loving owners of campervans & motorhomes with an affinity for precise controls