Project Description

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This is the new development of a complete chassis for single-axle caravans with a permissible total weight of 2,300 kg.
For this high permissible total weight, a different overrun device and higher tempered steel were used for the drawbars and lögitudinal beams.
Furthermore, larger brake drums with stronger wheel bearings, sprinter rims with appropriate tires and a trailing arm axle with shock absorbers and specially developed torsion shear spring elements are used.
This axle is offered by KABE for all models with an inner length of 600–630 cm (total length: 8.20 – 8.50 m).
The design of the torsion spring elements, developed in several iteration stages, results in low torsion of the rubber elements while at the same time providing a soft spring characteristic.
This development means that customers with larger and/or heavier caravans can now benefit from the advantages of a mono axle while maintaining reasonable payload values without the risk of overloading.

  • market entry: September, 2023
  • target group: Caravan customers who want to use the advantages of a single-axle vehicle despite having a lot of equipment and/or accessories for caravans over 8m long
  • partner: joint development with Fa. Knott.