Project Description

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The Truma iNet X Connect enables remote control of iNet X-compatible devices in campers or motorhomes. Users no longer need to be near the vehicle to control connected devices or view status indicators. This not only enhances users’ sense of security but also eliminates unnecessary heating or cooling during their absence. Turn on the heating from the ski slope? No problem, anywhere in Europe! This is made possible by the integrated eSIM card, a novelty in the camping context.
The customer experience was crafted through a user-centric and iterative design process. An intuitive user interface and significantly simplified installation ensure high usability. The housing design stands out with its minimalist and appealing aesthetic and features a flat and lightweight appearance that seamlessly integrates into the caravan environment.
Improved energy efficiency, enhanced safety, flexibility, and comfort: so that it feels like coming home.

  • market entry: august 2023
  • target group: Campers who want to use their partially or fully integrated motorhome even more flexibly
  • partner: Culture Form GmbH